Awaken Your Imagination

Awaken Your Imagination

It turns out there are a combination of skills, beliefs, actions and habits that are necessary to manifest the life you want. Now, of course, we are always manifesting. Indeed, almost every moment of our life.

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Awaken Your Imagination Workshop Series

Workshop 1 – The CIA of Focus

Concentration – Intention – Attention – Focus. Concentration facilitates creativity. Learn how to develop and use this skill for creating. Tips and techniques are included. 

Workshop 2 – Clearing the Path

In this interactive workshop learn how to remove blocks, eliminate fears, and break through creative blocks. 

Workshop 3 – Awaken your Imagination

This workshop looks at our emotions  We will dive into each of the topics for you to have a deeper understanding of how they play an important part in your subconscious programming. Techniques are included for harnessing their power.

Workshop 4 – Cosmic Bank

How to create Abundance and Prosperity consciousness. Reprogramming – the Subconscious – The Fertile Ground of Creation. See your past successes….. Think about your home, your car, the life you How now has been created by you. Now, of course you are wanting to experience a new level of success.  

Bonus 1:  Law of Attraction Session – “Open the Portal” 

A 1 hour private session with Rose – The focus will be on removing blocks that have impeded your ability to attract what you want in your life.

Value: $200. Course special – $100

Bonus 2 – Law of Attraction Session – “Cosmic Timing”

1 hour private session with Rose – Did you know that every month, you have a power day for manifesting that is connected to the time you were born? Learn the secrets to “your timing”. Your birth date, place, exact time you were born are required for this session.

Value: $200. Course special – $100

Bonus 3 – Law of Attraction Group

“The Cosmic 11” is a private FB group to extend the Magnetic Power Circle beyond this workshop series. The number 11 represents alignment. Group energy is power-filled.  Think of it as a huge magnet for pulling in what you wish to create or manifest. Beginning at the conclusion of the Awaken Your Imagination series, a monthly session will be posted in the group. We will work on individual challenges. You will learn about each other’s success and understand the challenge and how to go beyond it!  Giving and receiving is always an ingredient to success.

Add on:  $25/month or $250 for the year

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