Millionaire Yoga

Millionaire Yoga

Millionaire Yoga

Look around you, everything that is part of your life, your job, relationships, friendships, where you live, what you drive. All these things are in your life because of your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality.

Millionaire Yoga is a one of a kind unique course designed to reprogram your brain.

Created and taught by a living Enlightened Master. Dr. Pillai will teach you how to clear out the negative blocks and programs that you have been running. His profound wisdom and insight will help to give you a whole new perspective.

In this program you will learn techniques to activate the mid-brain and third eye. You will learn how sound vibrations and advanced visualization play a significant part in activating your wealth consciousness. Are you ready? Awaken that part of you, that holds the keys to unlimited wealth and prosperity…

Are you ready to tap into the Einstein that exists within you?  

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Learn the secret Yogic techniques to open yourself up to a whole new life of possibilities with the Millionaire Yoga Program!